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Request a Song

FHR RADIO will honor requests during times that a DJ is live on the air. If you submit a request during a time that a DJ is not live on the air, we welcome your request. Request and votes help us determine who we play and the artist of the month.

At FHR RADIO you rule, so tell us what you would like to hear and we will do everything possible to fulfill your request. You can also dedicate the song to your family, friends or loved ones. Just tell us in the comment section.

Since FHR Radio is a licensed radio station, we have to follow rules and regulations set by our license provider and the
Digital Millenium Copyright Act. So, if you send in a request and don't hear it right away, there are reasons for that.

Here are the Request Line rules:

  1. Please do not request the same song over and over. If you receive a comfirmation, that means we got it.
  2. If the requested song has recently played, we may not be able to play it for a certain amount of time.
  3. Once a request is received, it may take up to 60 mins for the request to play.
  4. Per our license, we can only play the same song twice in a 3 hour period.
  5. If the song you are requesting is currently playing, it won't play again for a while.

Thanks for understanding the rules. With that out of the way, request away.

Your privacy is very important to us. The requested information will only be used to fullfil your request. We will never disclose, give nor sell your information to any third party. if you are under 13, be sure to have your parents permission before submitting your information to anyone in the internet.

NOTE: We receive lots of requests to play songs and/or certain artists. Please provide the complete song name and the complete artist name (first and last name) if you have it, that way it makes it easier for us to locate the artist and/or song you are requesting

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